Week 18- Taft C.I.

“Shout joyful praises to God, all the earth!”
– Psalm 66:1-

It’s early Saturday morning around 4:15am. There is this thick, tangible stillness that is present in the mornings. I can’t explain it, but you can almost feel the silence as if its a dense fog.

I am sitting on the floor in the TV room starring out the window at the lights. My friend had just sad down next to me.

” I can’t sleep. My mind will not stop, Chad. How do you remaining so peaceful in this hell?”

I looked at him, I could see the anxiety in his eyes and I could feel the stress radiating off him.

I said in a very low quiet voice, ” take a couple deep breaths George, you’re freaking yourself out.”

George, you need to work on changing the internal conversation you having with yourself. It’s important to focus on building your faith not tearing it down.
Why not try starting every morning declaring that your best years are ahead of you. Regardless of how you are feeling, tell yourself that God is turning things around for your good. Remind yourself that His word, says His plans are for your good, for a future filled with hope and abundance, which you can’t even dare imagine. But you have to believe it with all your heart.

Write down all the good that He does for you each day. Focus on these victories and blessings. You will be amazed George at what He is doing in your life, when you just open your eyes.

Quite complain everyday about everything, like you have being doing. It’s draining on you and everyone around you.

Be thankful. Everyday thank Him. When you convert your heart to one of gratitude, your focus will change from how BIG your problems are to how BIG your GOD is!

Its 5am.We better hurry back to our cells for the morning count….



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