Week 12- Taft C.I.

“We are walking around in systems in society, and much of what consumes most of our days is not some natural order. We are all navigating some superstructure that we humans created.”

Are you living a life which is the result of you just reacting to random events that come your way and land up on your calendar or are you proactively steering your ship according to a route that you have consciously mapped out and decided to follow?

This is a question we can all ask ourselves. Today, we live in a world that is filled with all kinds of distractions; the internet, social media and people are haunted by the fear of missing out. Our lives can get caught up in the hurricane we call our inbox or to-do-list We allow open access to these and anyone and everyone is welcome to add an action item to them.


I recall back to the period prior to March 2010, before my life was turned upside down. I was constantly chasing meetings, deals, investors, founders as well as anything else that I felt might add value to my business. My phone would start ringing at 6am and most nights I would still be taking calls at 11pm.

My to-do-list was ridiculous, filled with an endless list of activities and thinks that needed to be done. Or at least that’s what I had convinced myself. Looking back, I used to get drenched in this feeling of insecurity if I never had a long list of things on my To-Do-List. I would feel as if I was slacking off or being lazy and inefficient.

When we look back at the challenges in our lives, it boils down to, which challenges did we consciously take on and which challenges are a result of us trying to please someone else?

Take back control of your life by taking back control of your inbox and your to-do-list.
The benefits of doing just this one simple thing, will allow you to have time to focus, to learn new things that you always wanted to learn, to nurture relationships from the past and present, to build businesses that excite you, rather than just reacting to everyday situations that come your way.

Spend your time doing those things that your desire and that drive you to get up in the morning. Things that stir up the fire of passion deep inside you.

Be your AUTHENTIC-SELF and you may just find the meaning of ultimate happiness.

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