Week 1 of the journey

Week 1 of the journey.

“When I Dance, I dance, when I sleep, I sleep”
Michael De Montaigne

My name is Chad Smanjak. I am writing this blog from Taft C.I whilst serving a 12 month and 1 day sentence.

This is the final stage of a journey that started back in March 2010.

The road to this point has being challenging for my family and I. Strangely, as I walked into Taft C.I on Friday morning, 6th January 2010 at 10:45am, a peculiar feeling of peace and freedom fell on me.

My life and the life of my family has been on hold since this all started back in 2010. Finally the day that had been causing so much anxiety, stress and fear, not only for me but for the entire family had arrived.

I had consciously taken the time to prepare myself mentally for this inevitable day. I soon came to realize that nothing can prepare you for that moment when the metal gate slams shut behind you and you officially say goodbye to the outside world for the next 12 months and a day.

Walking through the clinically cold and depressing corridors, I keep repeating one of the bible verses that I had committed to memory.

“God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose”

Mentally I had already decided to embrace this season of my life and not allow this life lesson to go wasted. My goal was to remain present and in the moment at all times during this process. I was not going to keep my mind fixated on the outside but rather focus on what I could do to better myself and learn from this process.

These 12 months of confinement would be a time for introspection and self evaluation.
This was my reality for the next 12 months and I am going to make every minute count.

“So when I dance, I will dance and when I sleep, I will sleep”

This journey has began…


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  1. I can only imagine how alone you must feel but keep reminding yourself that as your friends and family we all love you and are sending you our support and positive thoughts. You are strong & you are brave!

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