Week 22 – Taft C.I.

Salt and Light of the world

Read: Matthew 5:13-16

In these verses Jesus refers to us as the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Salt has many qualities:

The salt Jesus speaks of can also be the zeal, desire and purpose God has given us here on earth.

In the days of Jesus, salt was used to preserve food amongst other things. Food is a life source and Jesus is teaching us, listen people, as Christians, we are to be the purifiers and preservers of our society.

Jesus is telling us, that whatever areas of society we don’t preserve with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, those parts will come back to trample us.
What does Jesus mean?

The areas in our lives that we do not effect by being the salt and light, as Jesus commanded, these areas will not be transformed.

Being the salt and the light in your society, will lead to reformation!

If God deposited a dream in your heart, no matter the circumstances, stand in FAITH & BELIEVE.
He is more than able to complete what He started in you.


All life desires a portion of spiritual salt, its part of our DNA.
As we go through life, fulfilling our calling, purpose and passion, we make others thirst for God.

How do we do that?

People see that you have peace in the midst of the storm and that you have joy regardless of the circumstances. Yes you wake up feeling sad and alone sometimes, but you choose to be in the spirit and look to the Holy spirit for comfort, not man or this unstable world.

Our hope and faith is in God because He is the rock.

People will see the love, the true deep love of God that you have for people. Its a love that human minds can’t understand.

These qualities will be like magnets. Those around you will want what you have.

Pride is the enemy of God. He can’t work with pride.
We see in the scriptures how the religious leaders of the day were blinded by their ” puffed up pride ” in man that even though the Messiah, Son Of God, whom they were waiting for was right in front of them, they did not recognize Him.

When we read John 3:1-4, story of Nicodemus, we see that the religious leaders knew that Jesus was the Son of God.
Sadly due to their pride in man and being concerned what man thinks, their flesh would not allow them to receive Him as their Messiah.

Never loose your saltiness.
It’s through the Holy Spirit that we become AGENTS OF CHANGE.

Today, it’s vital that we become Kingdom Minded. We need to get our spiritual salt into society, culture and nations.

Being church-minded limits our influence. Kingdom thinking has you occupied with getting the salt and light into the cities, nations and the world as Jesus commanded us to do.

Church thinking:
* Narrows our vision
*We become concerned primarily at maintaining the church congregation numbers.
*All focus and energy is directed at having a successful Sunday service.

Kingdom thinking is focused on:
* 9 to 5 – Monday to Friday.
*Effecting change in society through the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s never loose sight that Jesus came to give us abundant life. He equipped us with everything we need to live a holy life.