Week 21 – Taft C.I.

Hope in our dry bones.

An important ingredient of faith is expectancy.
* Faith knows
* Faith expects.

In the book of Hebrew, it tell us that ” its impossible to please God without faith.”

We can’t have faith unless we have hope. Hope gives our faith a target. In Galatians it tells us that hope works by love.
If hope is the target and faith the arrow, then love is the bow. Its love that releases faith in our lives.

We ask, were does faith come from? In Romans we read that faith comes from hearing the word of God. Faith begins were Gods will is known.

* When you know it is Gods will for you to be saved, it opens your heart to receive salvation by faith.

* When you know its Gods will for you to be healed, it opens your heart to receive healing by faith.

* When you know that God wants to see you blessed, your faith is ignited and you open the door for Him to move in your life.

In Ezekiel chapter 37, we read how the Lord walked him around the dry old bones.

Many times in our life’s, the Lord will walk us through the dry, dead bones of our lives. These are the experiences, that when we look back on them; seem like wasted seasons of our lives. Events and situations that in our minds added no value to our lives. Useless and unproductive.

Prison is a good example of this, seems like nothing good can come of the wasted time spent away from the world and family.

The lord is saying, you’re missing the fact that I brought you here. He is saying, I orchestrate all things for the good of those that have been called according to my purpose.

* This is a time to get to know me better.
* To grow in your personal relationship with Me.
* I am using this time to prepare you, for the call I have on your life.
* This is your training ground, were I have your full attention and I can prepare you, for what I have for you to do in the world.

We all have areas in our lives that feel dried up and lifeless. But God is saying, here in Ezekiel chapter 37, this applies to you today, that if you choose Him, release every area of your life to Him, He will;

* Fill your dormant relationships with vitality.
* Make your lifeless dreams thrive again.
* Broken promises, failed efforts and emptiness can all be restored again.

Put your dead dreams, lifeless goals, or dried up ambitions in His hands today, then watch to see the faithfulness of God.

The good news is that all these dry bones that you have left dead in the valley are ready to come alive as an army of testimonies and life experiences, that will declare, His glory through you.

In chapter 11, God tells Ezekiel what this vision meant.

The Israelites who where in captivity, felt like they were a pile of dried out bones.
* Lost all hope
* Worthless
* No purpose
*That their best years where behind them.

It is hope that keeps us alive. The expectation of better things to come.

Don’t let the devil beat you with your dry bone experiences. Don’t let him use them to steal your hope, joy and peace.

The devil is a liar! He knows he is defeated, so he will do anything to ensure that you do not live a life filled with abundance, and the love of God.

Remember, God is willing and able to take all our dead places, breath life into them, and then we will witness His glory, in all these experiences.

Be strong in faith, filled with courage!! Expect to see God move on your behalf and never loose sight of the fact, that He is God Almighty and nothing can stop Him, when He says, ” ITS TIME.”