Week 14-Tact C.I.

“My Father! If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet, I want your will to be done, not mine.”
– Matthew 26:39 –

This past week, I felt like I was in the Garden of Gethsemane. My world felt like it had been turned upside down and that everything was coming against me. It was as if the pressure had intensified and my vision of how I was going to make it through this was slowly melting away.

I knew that this was all just in my mind because the enemy likes to play tricks with your mind whilst he comes to steal, kill and destroy.

I had just witnessed what happens when you allow negative thoughts to develop into strongholds in your mind, which causes you to loose hope. One of our group, last week, had a mentally breakdown.

The constant pressure of the environment, together with other external stress, caused his mind to shut down and he ended up in medical for psychological observation.

During our Sunday service today, the Lord reminded me of the challenges Jesus had to endure for our sake.
He had to go through the Garden of Gethsemane, down the road to Golgotha and onto to the Cross.

The enemy always fights hardest when he knows we are closest to our victory. Its right here, where most of us give up. Jesus endured the Cross-because he focused on the victory. He stayed in faith and God sent him an angel to strengthen Him through this time of trial.

The pastor preached a message today that spoke to me personally.

” Keep looking ahead, because the Lord has created each one of you for something great. Hold onto that promise, believe, keep praying, and watch your BREAKTHROUGH COME TO PASS!”


Week 13- Taft C.I.

“Show me someone that has done something worthwhile, and I will show you someone who has overcome adversity.”
– Lou Holt –

I looked up at the clock on the wall, and I immediately felt the anxiousness begin to bubble, like a volcano, inside of me.

Visitation was ending and the dreaded goodbye was nearing. I had just spent a wonderful four and half hours, but now it was time to say goodbye to my loved ones.

As I waved goodbye, there was this brief moment, when it felt like the entire world was being sucked into a black hole. An overwhelming feeling of total separation from everything, hit me like a Mac truck.

I exited the visitation room. I began to gain my composure as I walked into the compound.
This process doesn’t seem to get any easier and it makes me ask myself, what is it that gives us the ability to push through, regardless of the situation?

When times are tough and the situation seems overwhelming, how do we lite that internal fire that will generate the confidence to propel us through the difficult times?

While I am walking in the 100 degree plus heat, asking myself this question, what I come to realize is that our confidence to overcome these obstacles that we are experiencing in life, “comes from the Vision that we have for our future.”

When we have a crystal clear vision of where we want to go in life, and what we want from life, then the rest of it is much easier.

When this vision is imprinted on your mind, you always know why you are getting up in the morning and pushing through the day. Why, when everything around you seems like its falling apart, you continue to hold steady in faith, focusing on your vision for your future, and continuing to work harder than everyone around you.

Disciplined and filled with the desire that ignites an inextinguishable fire inside of you that causes you to believe without any doubt, that YOUR VISION FOR THE FUTURE WILL BECOME A REALITY!


Week 12- Taft C.I.

“We are walking around in systems in society, and much of what consumes most of our days is not some natural order. We are all navigating some superstructure that we humans created.”

Are you living a life which is the result of you just reacting to random events that come your way and land up on your calendar or are you proactively steering your ship according to a route that you have consciously mapped out and decided to follow?

This is a question we can all ask ourselves. Today, we live in a world that is filled with all kinds of distractions; the internet, social media and people are haunted by the fear of missing out. Our lives can get caught up in the hurricane we call our inbox or to-do-list We allow open access to these and anyone and everyone is welcome to add an action item to them.


I recall back to the period prior to March 2010, before my life was turned upside down. I was constantly chasing meetings, deals, investors, founders as well as anything else that I felt might add value to my business. My phone would start ringing at 6am and most nights I would still be taking calls at 11pm.

My to-do-list was ridiculous, filled with an endless list of activities and thinks that needed to be done. Or at least that’s what I had convinced myself. Looking back, I used to get drenched in this feeling of insecurity if I never had a long list of things on my To-Do-List. I would feel as if I was slacking off or being lazy and inefficient.

When we look back at the challenges in our lives, it boils down to, which challenges did we consciously take on and which challenges are a result of us trying to please someone else?

Take back control of your life by taking back control of your inbox and your to-do-list.
The benefits of doing just this one simple thing, will allow you to have time to focus, to learn new things that you always wanted to learn, to nurture relationships from the past and present, to build businesses that excite you, rather than just reacting to everyday situations that come your way.

Spend your time doing those things that your desire and that drive you to get up in the morning. Things that stir up the fire of passion deep inside you.

Be your AUTHENTIC-SELF and you may just find the meaning of ultimate happiness.